A Wise Man of Akbar

I like this story written by my fave author, Paulo Coelho, in his book titled “Like The Flowing River”:

There was a wise man who moved to the city of Akbar. No one took much notice of him and his teachings were not taken up by the populace. After a time, he became the object of their mockery and their ironic comments.

One day, while he was walking down the main street in Akbar, a group of men and women began insulting him. Instead of pretending that he had not noticed, the wise man turned to them and blessed them.

One of the men said: “Are you deaf too? We call you the foulest of names and yet you respond with sweet words”

“We can each of us only offer what we have”, came the wise man’s reply.

🙂 🙂 🙂

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