2 Months of Absence

I’ve been receiving emails from people asking me to start writing in my blog again. Firstly, apologies for haven’t been writing for such a long time. I was giving myself a break. I haven’t been writing anything (for blog or any publication) for these past 2 months. Instead, during those periods, I did something else, things that I haven’t experienced/tried before or got nothing to do with my current activities. New things. New experience.

Have been through a rough time this year. From a shocking moment when my younger brother lost his sight due to methanol intoxication to a lost of a dear one. It’s been tough. I haven’t been experiencing tough times like this in my life. Usually my paths go smooth, study and career wise. There’s nothing wrong with my own path, don’t get me wrong. It’s the external factors or things around me that go not as I wanted to. I put so much hope in my younger brother and wish that he could use his talents to reach his dream. And I never expected that I would lose someone dearly so soon and in such a way. When I started to feel down, I remembered my friend said, “Nila, look, you also had wonderful things this year”. He was right. So, whenever I’m blue, I try hard to count my blessings. Despite what happened around me, God still be kind to me. Giving me good jobs and opportunities, plus a nice and warm circle of friends.

There are things that we can’t control in life. How true that is. I thought I could control everything. But I’m wrong. My life experience has taught me that it’s not possible.

I could only control myself, my mind. I even can’t say that I can control my plans for the future anymore as those external factors would pay a contribution to the plans too. I still, however, have short-term goals and long-term goals, as always. But I just try not to expect that everything around me will go smooth along the way: things that are beyond my control. There must be some small stones or rocks that would pop up now and then. And I have to count those factors in, too.

Anyway, about 2-3 months ago, I felt strongly that I needed a change. I just need a totally new environment and activities. So, that’s why I stopped doing my daily routines (of course I still went to office!). Meanwhile, I took a scuba-diving lesson and made it to be certified by PADI. Plus, I started to make more time to paint (I’ve been taking a private water color painting course with my fave water color painter). Painting is such a stress relief and a good therapy for me. It makes me happy. Oh, and I did some traveling during weekends, too. Will tell you more about those trips in my other posts.

And here’s the big news. I’ve given up my job in the public relations consultancy. Instead, I took the opportunity to step in the capital market, again. You can call me crazy. Why did I do that? Simple. I needed a change. Sometimes change is good, sometimes it isn’t. I remember, however, I’ve made a big change about 5 years ago, when I decided to quit my job as a bond sales at a securities company, go to Europe to study and return to Indonesia to work in the PR industry afterwards. It was a good decision. A good change. I got a whole new life experience, new knowledge, new friends and network. So, this time, it should be fine, too. Of course it’s not gonna be easy to get out of my comfort zone. But, I realize that it’s ok to step out from it. There are a whole bunch of new experiences, friends, network and other things that life has in store for me. And am up for new things! That’s what I need now. And… I prefer to see it from this perspective: Change is good.

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