Traveling while pregnant? Why not?

These pictures sum up my travel journey during my pregnancy!

Yup, I still travel while pregnant ;). Every single month.

A lot of people in my country, Indonesia, are hesitant to travel while they’re pregnant. Even my relatives and families always comment, “Please stop traveling, you will be too tired. You should rest and just stay at home”.

For Indonesians, there are so many things we’re not supposed to do, especially for pregnant women. To name a few: you’re not supposed to fly – especially when you’re 1-3 month pregnant, you should stay at home during the “Maghrib” time (sunset) and the rest of the evening, you’re not supposed to go ups and downs the staircase, you have to be well rested (meaning: don’t go anywhere, just stay at home!), you’re not supposed to walk far, and many many more.

In the contrary, whenever I meet my friends from overseas, they recommend me to keep moving, be active, and walk a lot.

Confusing, isn’t it?

So, in the end, I just choose to do things that I love. I believe, if I’m happy, then the baby inside my womb will also be happy. Right? 😉

As a result, I still travel around during my pregnancy. From the first month trough the seventh month.

To sum up, here’s my footprints with the baby in my womb:

March 2014 – traveling to Ternate, Tidore, and South Halmahera

April 2014 – traveling to Flores, then Tanzania (Africa)

May 2014 – exploring Morocco (Africa)

June 2014 – traveling to Lombok, all around West Sumatera (and biking, too!), and Flores

July 2014 – traveling to Wonosobo, Central Java and going to the Dieng Plateau

August 2014 – traveling to Kupang and Alor

September 2014 – traveling to Ternate and South Halmahera

Some of the activities that I do during those months, include: walking (a lot!), snorkelling in the sea, swimming on the beach, biking, flying (a lot!), and caving (yes, going to a cave and swimming in the lagoon inside the cave).

And the means of transportation I use: planes, boats (slow boats and speed boats, too — some trips were bumpy!), ferry, bicycle, cars (of course), safari jeep, and busses.

Here’s some snapshots from those months. I stop flying on the 8th month, because my doctor suggested so.

And I’m happy to say, I have a healthy pregnancy, even though I travel so much!!!

So, pregnant ladies, who say you can’t travel while you’re pregnant? 😉 Just do whatever makes you happy, and you’ll be fine!! ^^

ps: My baby girl was born on December 1st, 2014. She’s all healthy :).

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