Preparation Day 1 of Nekad Traveler

So, for the Nekad Traveler trip, what should I bring?

I’m a light traveler, so I usually don’t bring so many stuff. I even could survive traveling around Thailand, hopping & scuba-diving from one island to another for 1.5 month, with only bringing 1 small suitcase (yes, my green suitcase!). Even that, the space was taken by half by my underwater camera housing!

So, this time, it would be slightly different. Since I’m not allowed to bring any cash, meaning, I can’t buy anything with money, perhaps I should bring more stuff with me. But on the other hand, I’m not so keen to bring a lot of stuff. It’ll be heavy and I don’t like to carry heavy stuff when I travel! (my camera is already heavy… so, no more heavy stuff!).

Some people suggested to bring a tent, sleeping bag and foldable bicycle! I’ll take the sleeping bag idea, but a tent? Perhaps if I’m strong like Arnold Schwarzenegger, then I would bring all that, including the bike. But unfortunately, I’m quite petite, so bringing a tent and a bike would be too much to carry for me! Thanks for the ideas, though!

Here’s the list that I create before I go to bed today:

3 more days before the trip! I’m excited!!

For Indonesian language version of the Nekad Traveler diary, you can read it here ;).

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