Listen To Your Feelings

Here’s my card of the day:

“Listen To Your Feelings”

There is the head with all its thoughts, ideas, logic and calculations

Then there is intuition, the gut feeling that gives you a sense of what is

Throw out the head and follow that gut feeling

Even if the mind is telling you otherwise

Logic is very often wrong

Wow. How come my “Now Cards” always tells me the same subject? What is it trying to say?

It is so true that sometimes I make decisions purely based on logic. I think that’s the tendency of people who live in the modern world these days. Don’t you think?

We are “forced” to use our logic, because there are so many bad people with bad intentions out there. We become too cautious. And a lot of time forget our inner voice…

“Logic is very often wrong“. Wow. What a powerful phrase! It’s been a long time since I heard this phrase.

I guess now it’s time to remind myself to be more sensitive and follow my intuition more..

The next question is… if logic is very often wrong, can intuition be wrong?

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