Elton John and James Blunt

Just got back from James Blunt’s private party in a bar in Singapore… and yes, James Blunt was there ;). I had a chance to meet and greet him, but we didn’t have a long chat. Honestly, I think he needs a hair cut and a hair-sytlist :). Hehehe… He’s a cool guy though… very down to earth 🙂

Oh… and I also got a chance to go to Elton John’s concert a couple of days ago at Singapore Indoor Stadium. Oh my God… never thought that I would see Elton John live in concert! ;P (me being “norak”)

A sweet friend gave me a ticket worth of almost $500 in which we sat pretty close to the stage.. and… guess what… this was the best thing, half way of the concert, the audience stood up from their chairs and DANCED!!! There’s no festivals seatings… yet… people moved forward to the stage and dance there until the show was over!!! It was such a great fun… he’s definitely a great entertainer… and oh… his piano’s skills… hmm.. am speechless!!!

And even though I only knew about 5 to 6 songs of his… I got so emotional when he played the “Candles in the Wind”.. :(( Very touchy..

…. and yes… I loved his jacket! 😛 So cool… 🙂

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